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Mobile Studio

I know a lot of my colleagues will hate me for saying this, but one of the best things about the 21st Century is that the mixing console has been made somewhat redundant. I'm not saying 48 channels of Neve isn't really nice, i'm just saying it isn't really necessary. The power of the giant console now lives in every DAW on the market.

But what really makes a recording sound great?
If you ask me, everything from the hand holding the pick, to the Hi-Fi set playing the music.

A good sound at source in a nice room, a great microphone amplified by a high-quality pre-amplifier. So yes - the gear matters. A lot.

But without the performance, there is nothing. And to record in a studio is sometimes less than ideal for that most precious and volatile ingredience; feeling.

What I'm offering is the same recording quality that you find in all the big commercial studios. Same high end microphones and state-of-the-art preamps, in a wide range palette to accommodate different styles and flavours.

The big difference is that I can bring my gear to you, and to whatever venue has the sound and the vibe you are into.

In short, what I do

  • Record albums with rock bands, in one or several different venues. Together as a band, or recording overdubs.
    Drums in a big hall, that grand piano at your uncle's and then guitars, bass and vocals at my place?
  • Record choirs, jazz, classical or folk ensembles.
    In a church, a town hall or a living room. Perhaps at the pub?
  • Help people materialize their songs, whatever the ambition or style of music.
  • Record voice-over.

I also may add that I have plenty of space to accommodate you in my mix-studio for any recording you need, and also have a coffee machine that matches the quality of my microphones.